Victory descends onto the sun set bow of my warworn ship,

bringing the night’s comfort

On her feathered, rocky wings.

And says of a battle in which she has taken no part,

“You’ve won.”


Weary, I kneel on the deck

below her pedestal;

My legs greaved;

My arms braced;

My chest cuirass-constricted;

My fingers gnarly-wrapped around my failing spear.


“I am yours,” she says,

And she gives herself to me as a harlot would,

But I cannot pay her price.

Unarmed, she invites me to lay down my arms,

amid peaceful promises,

And yet I hold my shield.


“Peace,” she whispers hotly into my ear,

As she caresses my body with one hand,

while the other draws along my spear.

“Let your vestments fall away,

and I will take you to Elysium.”


The moon, now overhead,

Beams brightly upon my shield,

Lighting its fading inscription:

Till the light of day.


I rise before the headless goddess,

And she takes flight.

The helmsman points the bow toward the dawning sun,

And I stand infirm upon the deck,

readying to stay the hands of fleeting victory.


© J. Manuel




The Easy Overdose Podcast (T.E.O. #11)

This week the boys Khy.Actual & J. Manuel discuss what motivates their music and writing. How to battle with the voice that says you should change your work to please the masses. How each one of us faces daily decisions to either give up on a project/passion or stick it out for success. Of course the conversation meanders through plenty of politically incorrect topics. (There’s lots of swearing so…still fuck you ITunes!)

The Easy Overdose Podcast (T.E.O. #10)

This is the inaugural, Hurricane Irma, emergency podcast. The boys are drinking plenty of booze and giving zero fucks about buying water since it’s readily available on tap. Fill your pots and pans at home ahead of time people for pennies on the dollar. The boys talk about hurricane prepping, end of the world scenarios, 1st world vs developing world problems. Preemptive boat buying. Paranoid man shit. We’re also looking for recruits to the Level Up Army! Talk about the shooting time at The Range 702 (the best gun range in Vegas).

We also jump into belated Mayweather v. McGregor talk.


The Easy Overdose Podcast (T.E.O. #9)

This week the boys take on nukes, self-defense, second amendment, 2A, fighting, physics, special forces, AR-15’s, AK47, without rule of law scenarios, starting our own Guerilla army, music, mc’ing for millennials, and a long-winded trip through the happenings of the week. KhyActual is droppin new beats and J. Manuel has some new scribblings up on his website,