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What happens when a scientist decides to play God? What happens when a megalomaniac CEO attempts to control that which can’t be? What happens when Jacob, a recently retired Marine, is pushed to the brink? Well, action that’s what, and it threatens to tear Jacob’s world apart, and perhaps everyone else’s, too.

Meanwhile thousands of miles away in sunny Silicon Valley, a young research scientist toils, and suddenly after a myriad of failures, eureka! Dr. Emmanuel Monte-Alban has created a cure for the inevitable scourge of humanity, a cure which might also save Jacob’s son. But this cure may prove to be deadly effective, and in the possession of his employer, BioSyn, it most certainly will. While the young doctor is pressed into perfecting his creation, a few competing sovereign interests discover his work. Could his creation be weaponized? Enter the Dragon, the Eagle, and the Bear. Oh my!

And when the good doctor disappears, Jacob is called to lead a highly-skilled team of contractors to find the doctor and his cure. There is just one catch. In doing so, Jacob must return to the site of his spiritual death, Basrah, Iraq in a quest for redemption. No outcome is certain, but Jacob’s fate, his son’s, and perhaps the world’s hangs in the balance. Let’s hope Jacob is not found wanting.

© J. Manuel Writes