On the Gentle Art #3

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Does size matter? Well, let me pose the question differently. Does mass matter? If you’re Catholic I guess it does to some extent, but no I’m not talking about that mass, the one with God. I’m talking about the mass with the God-particle; the Higgs-Boson to be precise. The Higgs, unlike the aforementioned God, didn’t create the universe, and no one claims that it did, but it does do one thing that matters (forced pun), and that is that it gives substance to um… matter. Higgs particles interact with one another to create a Higgs field, and when matter interacts with the field it gains mass, at least that is the theory. Think about this the next time you are stuck under someone’s mount, and you’ll realize quickly one of two things: One: quantum physics sucks hard; Two: you shouldn’t be thinking about quantum physics when someone is crushing the life out of your lungs.

Well back to the science lesson. You see as the particles interact with the field they gain mass. Some particles are more massive than others, and matter with more particles tends to have more mass. As we scale up out of the quantum realm, which is quite a weird, counter intuitive place, we surface into the “normal” world; the one where things behave in more predictable, common sense ways, and where normal physics restores order. Now back to being stuck under mount.

Imagine that you are stuck under a training partner who outweighs you by 50lbsyour skill set being equal or within grappling distance (no striking on the BJJ mats, that’s frowned upon). Well your opponent has the Higgs working heavily (pun) on his side (it could be a she, but I’m guessing she wouldn’t appreciate you talking about her weight, and she might hold onto a submission longer than necessary). Unfairly, there is more of him interacting with the Higgs field than there is of you and it’s all on your chest. Now how do you overcome this predicament? Well you summon what you know about BJJ. Use Classical Physics to combat Quantum Physics. In BJJ this means one thing: Leverage! Archimedes famously stated, “Give me a lever large enough, and a place to stand, and I will move the world.” (Citation omitted). Who am I to argue with Archimedes, or lever mechanics?

We’ve all done it; changed a tire, used a car jack, a pulley, a wrench, all to make whatever task we had to accomplish that much easier. In BJJ, the same principle applies. You don’t use force against force, especially when your partner’s force is greater than yours, that’s a losing propositionremember quantum physics! (Oh yeah, I forgot. More mass gives you more gravity too, and on Earth you experience that as weight; the force that is measured in the pounds or kilograms that are crushing your chest.) So you, a jiujitero, redirect the force, or apply your smaller amount of force against a place where there is an imbalance in your partner’s force. If there isn’t an imbalance, you create one: Leverage! So how do you escape the mount of a larger opponent? The answer is create a force imbalance using your levers. (1) Tie-up one of your opponents arms to remove an anchor of stability. (2) Ensure that your power base, hips (fulcrum), is under your partner’s base of balance. (3) Trap one of your partner’s legs by placing your leg outside of theirs. (4) Apply your force through your hips by bumping and bridging your body in the direction of the trapped arm and leg. (Your legs are the lever through which you deliver the force to your hips which act as the fulcrum to move your heavier partner.)

Now the basic mount escape detailed above should work. Notice I said should. The should takes into account the very real possibility that your partner knows what he is doing and may counteract your force by shifting his base in a manner where he redirects your force, and you end up right where you began namely under the crushing weight of his body, the world, and the God-particle. Fuck you Quantum Physics!

Part #4 will come once I figure out another mount escape.

© J. Manuel Writes

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