The Easy Overdose Podcast (T.E.O.) Ep. #4

In this episode Chayanne & Jorge talk about Earth Day, Call of Duty vs. Marines, MOABs, Flat Earth vs the Globe Conspiracy. No law talk this week but the boys go on mad tangents!


In Defense of Violence: Ancient Japanese/Chinese/Internet Proverbs


I often reflected on a proverb. I cannot say when I first came upon it. Maybe I read it in a translated Japanese text, or was it Mandarin? There’s about a thirty-percent chance that it had Cantonese origins.  Though it’s more likely that it was a meme of mysterious origins (scrawled with ball-point pen on the back of a local cable company’s billing envelope sitting past due on the welcome desk of a strip mall, ninja school that hosts nightly masquerade balls for its LARPing members… no shinobi-no-mono). From there it likely spawned into the dark web upon the Cheetos-fingers of a plump pubescent would-be warrior of the night, and circulated with its unattributed quote through thousands of I.P. addresses where it finally found its way to my Facebook feed.
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On Famine Farming


I once had a garden. A dream of one before that. It was a small garden, at first. Okay, just four tomato plants that I had bought at the Home Depot. Though it consisted of four humble plants that I repotted to a larger planter, it was my garden. I watered it faithfully, and waited for the cherry tomatoes to grow. About forty days later they did, and I was ready to eat the one or two a day that ripened by the time that I returned home from work. I always saved a few for the wife. I lived in this easy bliss for a few weeks until they came. Ravenous, furry, grey locusts – squirrels. They would ravage my humble crop daily. I would pull into my driveway to find scenes akin to a Spanish Tomatina. It didn’t take long for me to render myself; helpless, to the pulpy, fleshy carnage and I quietly, grudgingly withdrew to the easy comfort of autumn decay.
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The Easy Overdose Podcast (T.E.O) Ep. #3

In this installment your hosts Chayanne (aka Khy.Actual) & Jorge (aka J. Manuel) talk technical podcasting inside baseball, then flip the script to some super serious Syria talk and missile boners with no transition. After that they talk dropping to the level of your training in tactical scenarios. How long would it take for you to bomb the Chicoms? How about a flying armbar?

In this week’s science drop they talk Trappist-1 star system and how science is okay with bursting your alien bubble. #nogoldilocks