WHITE White is the color of the samurai; a death shroud pre-wrapped. White is the color of a bride not yet aware of the parasite. White paints the whiskers of an old cat whose youth was jet black. White is raised by armies stripped of their fight. White is the gloved inspection: antiseptic of life. …

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Forever Home

    I have not found the place, Where you and I can finally be at peace. The one with the white picket fence, The dog, the cat, and the kids: two-point-three. The one you dreamed of when you met me. The one I might have promised mistakenly Thinking that I could provide. A place …

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Unforced Errors

Unforced Errors Self-inflicted wounds are the worst kind when you know the hands of your attacker will fail yet again to handle the moment of truth, to record the last out, to stop that slow dribbler coming up the first-base line; A freight train on the express lane rumbling down the tracks. Your feet staked. …

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Victory descends onto the sun set bow of my warworn ship, bringing the night's comfort On her feathered, rocky wings. And says of a battle in which she has taken no part, "You've won."   Weary, I kneel on the deck below her pedestal; My legs greaved; My arms braced; My chest cuirass-constricted; My fingers …

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