The Furies – Serial #5

Fifteen minutes to midnight. Just enough time to celebrate. The prosecutor had drawn his customary bath after yet another successful prosecution. Twelve to be exact; and he’d always been exact. He’d prosecuted countless more, but jury trials for capital crimes were the only ones that counted. A dozen guilty verdicts for Class A felons. He refused …

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On the Gentle Art #6

To Gi, or Not to Gi, that is the question: Whether tis nobler on the mats to suffer the bow and arrow submissions of your opponent, or to free yourself from the grips, and thus avoid them. For the uninitiated, I speak of course about the age-old (though new to me) obsession, dilemma, rift, cold-war …

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On the Gentle Art #5

Monkey see, monkey do, white belts look a lot like blue. Now before all of my fellow blue belts take offense, the blue belt that I speak of in this case is me. Last Saturday marked my two year anniversary of practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Marcio Cruz BJJ Academy. It’s been a long, fun, …

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