On the Gentle Art #9

bjj evolve

Many things are more religion than science in their practice. I’m attracted to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because it is more the latter. Religions are dogmatic in their instruction, don’t invite questioning, require belief in most cases, and suspension of belief in others. Continue reading “On the Gentle Art #9”


The Furies – Serial #6

BP 2

She woke up to whispers. The girls, five-year-old twins. They were little chatter boxes. She could never get them to stop talking. They were all that she could handle, and now with the third on the way, a boy, she didn’t know how she’d manage. She looked at her clock just past 2 a.m. What in the world were the girls doing up? She lifted herself gingerly out of bed. Her protruding belly was a problem. She cursed at how ungainly it was. She’d never gotten used to it. She slowly waddled out of the bedroom, and down the hall. Continue reading “The Furies – Serial #6”