On the Gentle Art #3

Does size matter? Well, let me pose the question differently. Does mass matter? If you're Catholic I guess it does to some extent, but no I'm not talking about that mass, the one with God. I'm talking about the mass with the God-particle; the Higgs-Boson to be precise. The Higgs, unlike the aforementioned God, didn't …

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The Furies – Serial #3

The warm sun’s rays shone through the living room window panes, kissing Luz’s cheeks with the novelty of a newfound lover. She smiled at its comforting, life-giving caress behind her shut eyelids, and yawned and stretched for a few moments careful not to wake anyone from their slumber. It was an easy Sunday morning. She …

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On the Gentle Art #2

  If there is one thing that I enjoy, it's learning. I've never been a good student—not in the classical sense at least—just ask my Sunday School teachers. What I mean is that I have always despised sitting in a classroom, in stasis, while a teacher drones on. This may be due to some undiagnosed …

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