The Tangents Blog

This is an introduction to my blog, “The Tangents Blog”. In conceiving of this idea, I must admit my first mistake. I originally called it the “Musings Blog”, sounds douchey huh? Well after stepping away for a not-so-quiet evening to feed, bathe, tuck-in my boys, and eat some dinner with my rock, (the wife), I came back to the blog. I was not amused.

“Musings Blog” really? What was I thinking? Honestly it must have been something that I absorbed from researching how to create a writer’s websites and blog. Musings sounds nice and literary enough, maybe a little high-brow, snobbish, you know adding just enough of an air of my-shit-don’t-stink to make any reader think wow, this guy must be educated, a poet, a renaissance man of sorts. At least that’s what I subconsciously allowed myself to do after spending a day in solitude, researching, writing, and being generally pleased with myself.

Well there’s nothing like a little family time to chop you down to size and give you a refreshing “five across the eyes” of reality. So yeah, tangents it is, because I go off on tangents and this blog is about those tangents. I leave the musings to others.

© J. Manuel Writes

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