On Evil: An Encore – Playing the Top Hits of the 30s & 40s!

Captain America Punching Hitler – Image Credit

I share this because it is good to listen to the well articulated arguments of evil. Please listen to it. Hear the words, but listen to the message, and then add “if/then” questions to his arguments. You will find that the answers necessarily lead you to a gas chamber. We can argue tax policy, government spending, domestic, and foreign policy from conservative or liberal viewpoints, but there is no arguing with evil.

Evil cares about one thing: spreading. Evil comes dressed in suits, smiles, and offers you a shower after a long journey. (Especially after a long train ride.) Evil then pumps Zyklon B into those showers. There is no entertaining it. It must be wiped out. It must not be allowed to gain a foothold. It is a fungus, lurking in the dark corners of the mind. It must not be allowed to become part of the normal public discourse where its spores can take flight, and invade the minds of others. It must be burned with the bright light of good and justice.

Our nation, along with many others, fought against this particular evil some 76+ years ago. We thought that it was vanquished, but like a hearty fungus, its spores remained in whatever dark corners, basements, and sewers it could find. It has recently been emboldened to make its way to the surface donning the trappings of clean-cut, dapper gentlemen (see Mother Jones, NY Magazine, and other media sites for their fawning descriptions). It has changed its name from Nazi to “Alt-Right”. (Pretty innocuous, no? Practically sounds like a hipster coding on a keyboard.)

Don’t be fooled by its outer appearances. As a hipster’s beard does nothing to hide the pretentious twit beneath, new clothes, slightly more hair than the usual skin head, and nice suits should not hide the satanic nature of this particular fungus. It is one that seeks to spread its icy clutches of death and despair across a population that is caught unaware. I’d say that its stench smells of sulfur, but similar to its predecessors in the 1930s and 40s who removed the telltale warning smell from the Zyklon A gas to create the odorless Zyklon B used to kill millions in the death camps, this fungus has perfumed itself with the air of refinement. Don’t take a whiff! You know it stinks! Throw it away, but burn it before you do because that putrid, old, brown shirt has a way of finding itself back into the bottom drawer, leeching its poison into your wardrobe.

(c) J. Manuel

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