The Merge

You and I Walk a darkened road; shadeless, Dimly lit by a street lamp, That we have yet to reach. You from that side, along the wall. Me from this, along the curb. You on the right. Me on the left.   I anticipate Your fear With mine. The one that knots my guts, And …

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In Defense of Violence: Ancient Japanese/Chinese/Internet Proverbs

I often reflected on a proverb. I cannot say when I first came upon it. Maybe I read it in a translated Japanese text, or was it Mandarin? There's about a thirty-percent chance that it had Cantonese origins.  Though it's more likely that it was a meme of mysterious origins (scrawled with ball-point pen on …

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On the Gentle Art #14

What are you afraid of? Are you scared of things that go bump in the night? Monsters? Demons? Serial-killers? Clowns? Serial-killer clowns? Or worst of all, spiders? Maybe you are the type of person who is scared by the more mundane: heights, water, flying, subway travel, or mystery meat school lunches? (I always stuck with …

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