On Evil: An Encore – Playing the Top Hits of the 30s & 40s!

Captain America Punching Hitler - Image Credit I share this because it is good to listen to the well articulated arguments of evil. Please listen to it. Hear the words, but listen to the message, and then add "if/then" questions to his arguments. You will find that the answers necessarily lead you to a gas …

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Ray, A Bucket of Gold & A Very NYC Thanksgiving (Part 1)

What really went down in the NYC Thanksgiving gold heist. #goldbucket aka #bucketgate

On Nostalgia

  I spent my Thanksgiving morning the same way that I had spent all of my Thanksgiving mornings until I was 17 years old. I awoke to the smell of turkey long since in the oven, my mother fretting over whether or not to add mayonnaise to the mashed potatoes, she decided yes, and also …

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Curiouser and Curiouser

My oldest turns four in a few weeks. It's been one heavenly ride thus far. I refrain from using the other "h" word even though it's shorter and more apropos. There are innumerable lessons that I should have learned along the way, that I clearly didn't, as is evidenced by my second son, who is …

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