The Furies – Serial #3

The warm sun’s rays shone through the living room window panes, kissing Luz’s cheeks with the novelty of a newfound lover. She smiled at its comforting, life-giving caress behind her shut eyelids, and yawned and stretched for a few moments careful not to wake anyone from their slumber. It was an easy Sunday morning. She …

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The Furies – Serial #2

He rose from his bed. It was dark. He reached for his glasses on the night stand just as he heard a light tap against the bedroom door. He couldn’t be sure if he’d heard it earlier. His stomach churned and cramped from the bottle of scotch that he had drained just hours ago. Sterling …

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The Furies – Serial #1

He felt their presence in the darkness below. He looked up and saw the pale glow of the moon overhead. He tried to climb up the sloppy embankment, but his fingers dug and slipped through the muck of the sedimentary deposits. He flailed frantically, clinging momentarily in vain to an unsteady bundle of roots that …

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