The Easy Overdose Podcast (T.E.O.) Ep. #8

The boys, Chayanne & Jorge are back with a special guest, Jeff, a NYC retired cop. This episode is dedicated to policing, cop stories, pot, war on drugs, medical marijuana, and recreational Mary Jane. They also talk about resisting arrest (don’t do it) and arguing with the cops (don’t do it).

The Easy Overdose Podcast (T.E.O.) Ep. #7

The guys, Khy.Actual & J. Manuel dedicate this episode of the podcast to climate change, the Paris Accord, sustainability, and the environment. Global warming is happening bitches. Break out the umbrella and get to high ground cuz it’s going to get wet in this motherfucker!

The Easy Overdose Podcast (T.E.O.) Ep. #6

Chayanne (Khy.Actual) and Jorge (J. Manuel) talk about their work in the cave. New beats from Khy.Actual and J. Manuel is back to writing full-time in a mad dash to meet a one month deadline. The boys also talk about mercenaries, private military contractors, and marines. Also don’t start arguments with cops on the side of the road; J. Manuel drops a little lawyer learning on you; your 4th, 5th, & 6th Amendment rights; Miranda warnings; throw in a little fight & jiu-jitsu talk; and round it out with a Science-Drop about consciousness and the newly discovered neurons that envelope the entire circumference of the brain.

The Easy Overdose Podcast (T.E.O.) Ep. #5

This week the guys get deep into some fight talk (Klitschko v. Joshua, Canelo vs Chavez, Jr., Demian Maia v. Jorge Masvidal) then follow it up by a deep dive into Millennial music, 808 jams, etc. Chayanne repeats his claim that Millennials are shit people while Jorge, the Gen-Yer, talks about how rap died after Ice Cube.