The Easy Overdose Podcast (T.E.O.) Ep. #2

Welcome back, people! In this episode, Khy.Actual and I talk music and writing as well as livin’ the dream – whatever the hell that means to you. We get a little mopey but we rebound real quick for some talk about Spartans versus nerds and Sparta versus Athens. Then we move on to our Science Drop where we discuss SpaceX’s epic mission last week where they launched and landed a reused rocket for the first time in history. (Mars here we come!) Then we discuss the landmark Supreme Court case of Buck v. Bell. Are three generations of imbeciles enough? Chief Justice Holmes thought so and so does the rest of the U.S. since it’s still the law of the land. The Nazis thought it was a good decision, too. We wrap up the show on a high note – no one will remember you, unless of course you’re an artist. A bit self-serving, huh? Enjoy!

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