On Famine Farming

I once had a garden. A dream of one before that. It was a small garden, at first. Okay, just four tomato plants that I had bought at the Home Depot. Though it consisted of four humble plants that I repotted to a larger planter, it was my garden. I watered it faithfully, and waited …

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Happy New Year, Readers!!!

How I felt the majority of 2016: I'd like to take a moment to reflect on 2016... There that's it. I've taken the moment. Thanks for nothing you dick punch of a year! Now on to the hopefulness that the new year brings. For many of us this is the time to make resolutions, though …

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Ray, A Bucket of Gold & A Very NYC Thanksgiving (Part 1)

What really went down in the NYC Thanksgiving gold heist. #goldbucket aka #bucketgate

On the Gentle Art #3

Does size matter? Well, let me pose the question differently. Does mass matter? If you're Catholic I guess it does to some extent, but no I'm not talking about that mass, the one with God. I'm talking about the mass with the God-particle; the Higgs-Boson to be precise. The Higgs, unlike the aforementioned God, didn't …

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