The Easy Overdose Podcast (T.E.O. #11)

This week the boys Khy.Actual & J. Manuel discuss what motivates their music and writing. How to battle with the voice that says you should change your work to please the masses. How each one of us faces daily decisions to either give up on a project/passion or stick it out for success. Of course the conversation meanders through plenty of politically incorrect topics. (There’s lots of swearing so…still fuck you ITunes!)


The Easy Overdose Podcast (T.E.O) Ep. #3

In this installment your hosts Chayanne (aka Khy.Actual) & Jorge (aka J. Manuel) talk technical podcasting inside baseball, then flip the script to some super serious Syria talk and missile boners with no transition. After that they talk dropping to the level of your training in tactical scenarios. How long would it take for you to bomb the Chicoms? How about a flying armbar?

In this week’s science drop they talk Trappist-1 star system and how science is okay with bursting your alien bubble. #nogoldilocks

The Easy Overdose Podcast (T.E.O.) Ep. #2

Welcome back, people! In this episode, Khy.Actual and I talk music and writing as well as livin’ the dream – whatever the hell that means to you. We get a little mopey but we rebound real quick for some talk about Spartans versus nerds and Sparta versus Athens. Then we move on to our Science Drop where we discuss SpaceX’s epic mission last week where they launched and landed a reused rocket for the first time in history. (Mars here we come!) Then we discuss the landmark Supreme Court case of Buck v. Bell. Are three generations of imbeciles enough? Chief Justice Holmes thought so and so does the rest of the U.S. since it’s still the law of the land. The Nazis thought it was a good decision, too. We wrap up the show on a high note – no one will remember you, unless of course you’re an artist. A bit self-serving, huh? Enjoy!

On the Gentle Art #15

bjj evolve

"Stone walls do not a prison make,
Nor iron bars a cage;" 

- To Althea, From Prison by Richard Lovelace 1642 A.D.

Constraints – life has a lot of them, biological and otherwise (your blood’s ph level, the minimum amount of oxygen that you need to breathe, the level of carbon monoxide & carbon dioxide in your system), and we add to life’s constraints with every choice we make or defer. (That is if you believe in free will. Some intriguing fMRI studies seem to suggest that our choices are made subconsciously before we consciously become aware of them and “choose” accordingly.) Constraints themselves are neither good nor bad. They are merely circumstance boxes in which things can or can’t occur. Plant a seed in dirt and it grows. Plant a Monsanto seed in dirt and you get sued for intellectual property infringement. See constraints! Continue reading “On the Gentle Art #15”