The Easy Overdose Podcast (T.E.O.) Ep. #2

Welcome back, people! In this episode, Khy.Actual and I talk music and writing as well as livin' the dream - whatever the hell that means to you. We get a little mopey but we rebound real quick for some talk about Spartans versus nerds and Sparta versus Athens. Then we move on to our Science …

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FF&M Universe: The Good Doctor

Like most of their neighbors, José and Maria Elena Monte Albán were migrant workers, who left their humble home in 1980 for the hope of a better future in the United States. They had no formal education but José and Maria Elena read their Bible with devotion. Between the two, they had read it hundreds …

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FF&M Universe: Lilith

“There she is. The mother of things to come…” The two scientists, one, boyish-faced, beaming with the brilliance of a still unwritten future, the other, drawn, his fatigue visible in the waning light of his career, stared at the screen in front of them as those words drifted away fading to distant echoes in the …

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